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My idea

My idea is to give as much as possible and ask as little as possible.
Therefore I am offering you my two beautiful houses in the Centro Storico of Sinalunga – home from home – at a very low rental.

The Hideaway

The Hideaway

The Tuscan Cottage

The Tuscan Cottage

Click on the pictures for booking and for more information

Mona Lisa being painted by a cat

These old village houses have been wonderfully restored with great vision by Rosalbo Zacchei, designer, builder and cat painter.

Down A Tuscan Alley

It all started with a seemingly impossible dream of coming to live in Tuscany. Now you can read the story of how it all began: ‘I gathered my meagre savings and with eternal optimism and two beloved cats, escaped England for a new life ‘DOWN A TUSCAN ALLEY’ never imagining the intrigue, passion and adventure I would find . . . ‘


Down a Tuscan Alley by Laura Graham is to be published in the summer 2011 by Solstice Publishing Inc.

Chapter OneChapter Two | Chapter Three | Chapter Four

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