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Down a Tuscan Alley

Laura on the terraceLorri, an eternal optimist, is in search of a new life. With little money and her two beloved cats, she leaves one back alley in raining Devon to come to another in sunny Italy. But this one leads to romance, intrigue and a journey of self-discovery.

Published on June 6 2011 by Solsticepublishing. It is collecting five star reviews and can be bought on and


“When I began the first chapter of ‘Down a Tuscan Alley’ I thought, oh, no, yet another long-winded yarn of doing up a house in Tuscany. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover it is about ‘doing up a person’ in Tuscany without a house or vineyard in sight.

Lorri, an English woman in her late forties, decides to go it alone. Fleeing the UK and a past relationship, she searches for a new life in a minute back alley apartment in Tuscany, which is all she can afford. The strong, often comic, narrative voice, guides the reader through the passion, mishaps and the intrigue. I very much liked the vulnerability of the protagonist and her early struggles with the language, new culture, and the randy plumbers and electricians.

Gradually Lorri finds a new confidence and is able to live out her dream of the good life in Tuscany.

An excellent read.”

Neil Osborn (Arts and books reviewer 2011)

A Tale Of Two Cats

Down a Tuscan alley - book coverTwo abandoned cats with nowhere to go. Then along comes an English human and finds them – first, Rosetta, a feral kitten hiding in the forest. Then Julie, domesticated but abandoned – wandering the alleyways desperate for a home.

Their lives are transformed when taken in to a village house to live with the English mother and Italian father, known as babbo. Being exceptionally intelligent cats, they quickly learn human ways. The fun begins when the parents go out.

Can be ordered through the publisher - or through me - the price is €10 or £8.99 in the UK

“. . . funny and charming – wonderfully original illustrations.”

Neil Osborn (Arts and books reviewer 2011)

Tuscan Cats get into Mischief

Tuscan cats get into mischief - book cover

Another splendid tale of the Tuscan Cats. This time mischief arrives in the shape of Spiritino, a rascal of a tomcat who leads the girls astray. Wonderfully illustrated. Highly recommended.-

Neil Osborn (Arts and books reviewer)

“If a man could be crossed with a cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.”

Mark Twain

Tuscan Cats go to Elba

Tuscan cats go to Elba - book cover

I’ve just read this book and gazed at the pictures: I’m enchanted. These cats are real, what they say and do has logic, they draw you into their lives – I love it. I prefer their feline world to my human world. Will read it again and again.

May Davis (Animal’s magazine)